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Next Generation Uncharted On PS Vita

Uncharted has been able to become one of the most beloved series on the PlayStation 3. Playing as an young and adventurous Indiana Jones like character made players feel an insane rush while playing through the campaign. The first Uncharted was good enough that is spawned not one but two sequels with each sequel boasting a multiplayer component.

uncharted-3 Drakes Deception

You play as Nathan Drake, a man who has an ancestor named Sir Drake. Nathan believes that he must fulfil the adventures that his grandfather couldn’t finish. This results in you going everywhere from Peru to the Nevada Desert, it makes for an incredible experience that spans through three different installments. Today Naughty Dog, the developers behind Uncharted announced that a next generation Uncharted will be coming to the PlayStation Vita.

This came as a HUGE shock to the video game industry as Naughty Dog has never developed a Playstation Vita game. There is a previous Uncharted PS Vita game called “Uncharted Golden Abyss”, it was one of the launch games for the handheld and it did poorly in sales. The reason for this is because this installment in the Uncharted franchise didn’t boast incredible visuals and impressive gameplay mechanics.

This is why Naughty Dog took it upon themselves to create their own Uncharted game for the Playstation Vita. We won’t see a trailer or any gameplay until E3 2014, you can expect an outstanding experience for this PS Vita installment of Uncharted as Naughty Dog is developing the game themselves.

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