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50% Increase in Sales

Electronic Arts, one of the largest publishers of video games in the world revealed today that their profits went up by fifty percent in the second quarter. This is the largest rise in profit that Electronic Arts has seen since Assassins Creed was first revealed to the video game industry more than five years ago. Electronic Arts revealed that the reason their profit was able to increase by 50% is because of their new games like Need for Speed Rivals, Assassins Creed, Watch Dogs, Titanfall, Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield and many more.

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Pre-Orders is a large reason as to why Electronic Arts was able to boost sales. Games like Battlefield Hardline, Star Wars Battlefront and Need for Speed Rivals have been gaining a mass amount of pre-orders over the last week and a half. This is because EA revealed all of their new games at this year’s E3 Gaming Convention. Titanfall also boosted up the sales for Electronic Arts as Titanfall is a new shooter created by the original developers of Call of Duty. Titanfall has been able to become the most sold Xbox One game as of right now, there is currently no other game competing with Titanfall on such a mass level through the Xbox One.

Electronic Arts has openly said that they plan to redefine next generation gaming. They plan to use new software, new gameplay mechanics and new story lines to bring in new gamers. They’ll do this through a three year development cycle on each one of the games that they develop.

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