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The Edge

Adam Copeland, more formally known as Edge from the WWE is a wrestler that first started working for the WWE back in 1990. He became a one of the most cherished and renowned wrestlers known to the WWE and his famous move “the spear” allowed for him to grow as an wrestler due to its incredible power and the fear that it brought into the hearts of fellow wrestlers. Edge was able to win four separate WWE titles during the course of his career as a wrestler.

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Today it was revealed that Edge will be returning to the WWE for one season in order to defeat “The Shield” once and for all. This doesn’t surprise many as earlier on last year Edge appeared on the WWE during their Toronto showcasing, during which he and his former partner Christian were attacked by The Shield. After The Shield seriously injured his old partner Christian, Edge took it upon himself to use his beloved spear on the shield and then disappeared from the WWE once again. There were rumors that Edge would return to work alongside Christian once again in order to defeat The Shield but those rumors weren’t confirmed till earlier on today.

Adam Copeland said this, “I never wanted to return to the WWE but after The Shield took Christian from the WWE for six months due to his ankle injury, I knew that once Christian returned, I would have to as well in order to help him take out The Shield.”

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