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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is upon us and it is going to have a huge impact going forward. There are new products being developed specifically for virtual reality gaming and the majority of analysts believe that come next generation we will no longer have video game consoles but virtual reality suits which will allow for us to enter the game on a mental level. This means that if you want to move you arm all you would have to think about is moving your arm and it would happen. This might come as a shock to many but it is none the less the truth.

Virtual reality

The Xbox One uses what they call “Kinect Features” which allow for you to move your body in front of a camera and then that movement would be mimicked on screen. Microsoft has had this technology since the Xbox 360, throughout the years they have been perfecting the technology.

Sony on the other hand is working with developers like Oculus Rift in order to create their own virtual reality headset. Essentially you would put the headset on and be able to look anywhere in the game, only having to use the controller for gameplay mechanics. This is astonishing as the technology is already available to us, come ten years time once the Xbox One and Playstation 4 console generation cycle is up you can expect for virtual reality to be a reality.

Kevin Fiege, a spokesman for Microsoft said the following: “It is true that virtual reality is right around the corner. The technology is already available to us but costs a mass amount of money to operate. In ten years time this technology will be affordable to the mass public.”

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