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October, 2014

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Battlefield 5 Delayed

Battlefield is one of the most popular video game franchises known to the world. Their visuals and constant persistence towards making a realistic game has allowed for Battlefield to grow to become one of the most popular shooters in History. Unfortunately it was revealed today that Battlefield 5, the sequel to Battlefield 5 won’t be released until May of 2017. This is more than two years away which has already got fans of the series complaining about their decision.


The reason that Battlefield 5 has been delayed until 2017 is because Battlefield: Hardline, the next installment in the franchise which is essentially cops and robbers is being released in May of 2015. The year after that the highly sought out Star Wars Battlefront title will be released in May of 2016. This is the first battlefront game to be made for consoles in more than seven years and it’ll boost the best visuals in the franchise yet.

Electronic Arts said that if they had split the Battlefield team in two, one part of the team developing Hardline and the other part of the team developing Battlefield 5 then both of those titles wouldn’t compare to previous additions in the franchise. In order to make sure that this franchise avoids fatigue they have decided that the two games they currently have in development are more important than the fifth installment of the core Battlefield franchise.

We will update you on if the Battlefield 5 release date changes in the future.

Destiny Most Popular

Destiny, a Shooter/MMO created by Bungie has officially become the most people Playstation 4 game to date in sales. This is incredible as Destiny was the most expensive game to develop in video game history, costing a total of $500 Million. They’ve already earned their investment within the first twenty four hours it was released and now everything is profit for Activision & Bungie, the game is continuing to sell at a rapid rate as its only been on the market for two weeks.


As of right now after earning back their investment Destiny has made $325 Million worldwide. Destiny is now the best selling Playstation 4 game to date and Destiny also holds the record for “Best Selling New I.P.” in video game history. Bungie has said that Destiny is a ten year project where they’ll release new content and DLC for players to enjoy, if this is the case you can expect this video game to become one of the bestselling video games to history. Titans like Call of Duty & Assassins Creed have something new to worry about as Destiny is dominating the market as of right now.

We will see who sells more copies this year, Call of Duty or Destiny but as of right now it seems that Destiny is slated to do better than any other video game being released in 2014. This is an accomplishment that Bungie should be proud of and Activision as well. They now have the Call of Duty brand and Destiny brand, earning them millions upon millions in profit.