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Destiny 2

Destiny is the brand new shooter developed by Bungie, the creators of Halo and published by Activision, the publishers behind Call of Duty. Already this game has earned a mass amount of revenue, this is including the payment of $500 Million back to Activision which they fronted for Destiny to be created. Destiny stands as the most expensive game to develop in history.


Well since Destiny has been able to become so popular that is not only surpassed its $500 Million mark but also has earned millions upon millions of revenue it has already been announced by Activision & Destiny that “Destiny 2” is now in development. This doesn’t come as a surprise as sequels in the video game industry are just as common as sequels in the movie industry.

Activision & Bungie noted that in the second addition of Destiny you can expect a compelling story line & a larger world with higher quality visuals to be available at your finger tips. Bungie noted that since they wanted to make Destiny a cross platform title they had to make sure the visuals could compare equal to one another on all systems. Destiny 2 will be in development for only the Xbox One & Playstation 4. Those looking forward to the sequel will be pleased to know that Destiny 2 will have a much larger scale of MMO Elements for players to enjoy.

We will keep you updated on all new information that is released regarding Destiny 2 & its development.

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