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Microsoft Sales For Xbox One

Microsoft during the last generation of consoles were able to stand as kings. After the first three years the Xbox 360 reigned supreme amongst all of the other competition (I.E Playstation & Nintendo) but unfortunately in this generation cycle it seems that the Playstation 4 has been doing better in the year and a half since it’s been released but with the lower Xbox One prices & quality features, Microsoft has been selling more consoles than Playstation once again. Unfortunately Microsoft has stated that it isn’t to the same level as what the 360 was which is their goal.


This means that Xbox would have to sell a minimum of 200,000 consoles per month. This is a goal that won’t be accomplished for years but within the next year Microsoft will have officially sold more consoles than Playstation or Nintendo which will allow for them to once again reign supreme in the video game industry. The reason Microsoft does so well with consoles is because they design a fluent U.I and Microsoft put great components within the system that can be offered for a reasonable price. It is for these two reasons that the 360 was able to excel to heights never before seen and it’s the reason that the Xbox One will do the same.

Anyone who wished to purchase an Xbox One can easily do so by going to GameStop, EB Games, Electronic Stores or going to the Microsoft website directly and having them ship you the Xbox One.

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