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Cena Exit’s Wrestling

John Cena, one of the most beloved wrestlers in the history of the WWE revealed last week that he will retiring from the WWE come the end of next season. This information hit the WWE Community like a ton of a bricks as John Cena stands as the most liked wrestler on television right now, he is one of the most beloved wrestlers in WWE History. No one believed that John Cena would retire for at least another five years but as John Cena awaits for his third child to be born he believes that it is time for him to end his career now.

WWE logo

Cena said the following, “I am beyond grateful to my loyal fans, I have given you years of service and in return you have me years of your love and support. It comes with great sadness that I am announcing my retirement from the WWE. Come the end of the 2015 season I will no longer be a wrestler, I will be following the footsteps of Jesse Ventura and I won’t return to the WWE for anything what so ever. I have a boy and a young girl with another one on the way, it is time for me to be a father before anything else. I owe you all my life as you made me successful but now my family needs me, I can only hope my fans will stay true and that the WWE will be saved before my time as a wrestler ends.”

John Cena will be dearly missed in the WWE Universe, he has been a symbol of hope in the WWE for the last decade and his teachings will remain for years to come.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is upon us and it is going to have a huge impact going forward. There are new products being developed specifically for virtual reality gaming and the majority of analysts believe that come next generation we will no longer have video game consoles but virtual reality suits which will allow for us to enter the game on a mental level. This means that if you want to move you arm all you would have to think about is moving your arm and it would happen. This might come as a shock to many but it is none the less the truth.

Virtual reality

The Xbox One uses what they call “Kinect Features” which allow for you to move your body in front of a camera and then that movement would be mimicked on screen. Microsoft has had this technology since the Xbox 360, throughout the years they have been perfecting the technology.

Sony on the other hand is working with developers like Oculus Rift in order to create their own virtual reality headset. Essentially you would put the headset on and be able to look anywhere in the game, only having to use the controller for gameplay mechanics. This is astonishing as the technology is already available to us, come ten years time once the Xbox One and Playstation 4 console generation cycle is up you can expect for virtual reality to be a reality.

Kevin Fiege, a spokesman for Microsoft said the following: “It is true that virtual reality is right around the corner. The technology is already available to us but costs a mass amount of money to operate. In ten years time this technology will be affordable to the mass public.”

50% Increase in Sales

Electronic Arts, one of the largest publishers of video games in the world revealed today that their profits went up by fifty percent in the second quarter. This is the largest rise in profit that Electronic Arts has seen since Assassins Creed was first revealed to the video game industry more than five years ago. Electronic Arts revealed that the reason their profit was able to increase by 50% is because of their new games like Need for Speed Rivals, Assassins Creed, Watch Dogs, Titanfall, Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield and many more.

EA logo

Pre-Orders is a large reason as to why Electronic Arts was able to boost sales. Games like Battlefield Hardline, Star Wars Battlefront and Need for Speed Rivals have been gaining a mass amount of pre-orders over the last week and a half. This is because EA revealed all of their new games at this year’s E3 Gaming Convention. Titanfall also boosted up the sales for Electronic Arts as Titanfall is a new shooter created by the original developers of Call of Duty. Titanfall has been able to become the most sold Xbox One game as of right now, there is currently no other game competing with Titanfall on such a mass level through the Xbox One.

Electronic Arts has openly said that they plan to redefine next generation gaming. They plan to use new software, new gameplay mechanics and new story lines to bring in new gamers. They’ll do this through a three year development cycle on each one of the games that they develop.

Next Generation Uncharted On PS Vita

Uncharted has been able to become one of the most beloved series on the PlayStation 3. Playing as an young and adventurous Indiana Jones like character made players feel an insane rush while playing through the campaign. The first Uncharted was good enough that is spawned not one but two sequels with each sequel boasting a multiplayer component.

uncharted-3 Drakes Deception

You play as Nathan Drake, a man who has an ancestor named Sir Drake. Nathan believes that he must fulfil the adventures that his grandfather couldn’t finish. This results in you going everywhere from Peru to the Nevada Desert, it makes for an incredible experience that spans through three different installments. Today Naughty Dog, the developers behind Uncharted announced that a next generation Uncharted will be coming to the PlayStation Vita.

This came as a HUGE shock to the video game industry as Naughty Dog has never developed a Playstation Vita game. There is a previous Uncharted PS Vita game called “Uncharted Golden Abyss”, it was one of the launch games for the handheld and it did poorly in sales. The reason for this is because this installment in the Uncharted franchise didn’t boast incredible visuals and impressive gameplay mechanics.

This is why Naughty Dog took it upon themselves to create their own Uncharted game for the Playstation Vita. We won’t see a trailer or any gameplay until E3 2014, you can expect an outstanding experience for this PS Vita installment of Uncharted as Naughty Dog is developing the game themselves.