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Microsoft Sales For Xbox One

Microsoft during the last generation of consoles were able to stand as kings. After the first three years the Xbox 360 reigned supreme amongst all of the other competition (I.E Playstation & Nintendo) but unfortunately in this generation cycle it seems that the Playstation 4 has been doing better in the year and a half since it’s been released but with the lower Xbox One prices & quality features, Microsoft has been selling more consoles than Playstation once again. Unfortunately Microsoft has stated that it isn’t to the same level as what the 360 was which is their goal.


This means that Xbox would have to sell a minimum of 200,000 consoles per month. This is a goal that won’t be accomplished for years but within the next year Microsoft will have officially sold more consoles than Playstation or Nintendo which will allow for them to once again reign supreme in the video game industry. The reason Microsoft does so well with consoles is because they design a fluent U.I and Microsoft put great components within the system that can be offered for a reasonable price. It is for these two reasons that the 360 was able to excel to heights never before seen and it’s the reason that the Xbox One will do the same.

Anyone who wished to purchase an Xbox One can easily do so by going to GameStop, EB Games, Electronic Stores or going to the Microsoft website directly and having them ship you the Xbox One.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 stands as one of the most popular video game titles released in 2013. It was able to take on the likes of Call of Duty, Battlefield & Assassins Creed all on its own. Earlier on in November, 2014 Grand Theft Auto 5 was released to the mass public for the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Players were thrilled as it meant better visuals and a more expansive world to enjoy. It also means the invention of a new online game mode called “Heists” which was just announced earlier on this week.


Heists in a new game mode in the GTA 5 Online Mode that will allow for a group of players to act as bank robbers and another set of players to act as officers of the law. Both teams will fight one another off to see who wins the money or who goes to jail. This was a feature originally released in the campaign mode of the game but was highly requested by players from all around the globe as an online mode. Rockstar Games didn’t hold out for their loyal fans and provided them with exactly what they wanted.

Unfortunately as of right now there isn’t any release date for this new Downloadable Content for GTA 5. RockStar Games is more than likely polishing off every aspect of the DLC in order to avoid issues that Assassins Creed Unity has been having since day one of its launch. We shall keep you informed on when Grand Theft Auto Online “Heists” will be released for all consoles.

Destiny 2

Destiny is the brand new shooter developed by Bungie, the creators of Halo and published by Activision, the publishers behind Call of Duty. Already this game has earned a mass amount of revenue, this is including the payment of $500 Million back to Activision which they fronted for Destiny to be created. Destiny stands as the most expensive game to develop in history.


Well since Destiny has been able to become so popular that is not only surpassed its $500 Million mark but also has earned millions upon millions of revenue it has already been announced by Activision & Destiny that “Destiny 2” is now in development. This doesn’t come as a surprise as sequels in the video game industry are just as common as sequels in the movie industry.

Activision & Bungie noted that in the second addition of Destiny you can expect a compelling story line & a larger world with higher quality visuals to be available at your finger tips. Bungie noted that since they wanted to make Destiny a cross platform title they had to make sure the visuals could compare equal to one another on all systems. Destiny 2 will be in development for only the Xbox One & Playstation 4. Those looking forward to the sequel will be pleased to know that Destiny 2 will have a much larger scale of MMO Elements for players to enjoy.

We will keep you updated on all new information that is released regarding Destiny 2 & its development.

Battlefield 5 Delayed

Battlefield is one of the most popular video game franchises known to the world. Their visuals and constant persistence towards making a realistic game has allowed for Battlefield to grow to become one of the most popular shooters in History. Unfortunately it was revealed today that Battlefield 5, the sequel to Battlefield 5 won’t be released until May of 2017. This is more than two years away which has already got fans of the series complaining about their decision.


The reason that Battlefield 5 has been delayed until 2017 is because Battlefield: Hardline, the next installment in the franchise which is essentially cops and robbers is being released in May of 2015. The year after that the highly sought out Star Wars Battlefront title will be released in May of 2016. This is the first battlefront game to be made for consoles in more than seven years and it’ll boost the best visuals in the franchise yet.

Electronic Arts said that if they had split the Battlefield team in two, one part of the team developing Hardline and the other part of the team developing Battlefield 5 then both of those titles wouldn’t compare to previous additions in the franchise. In order to make sure that this franchise avoids fatigue they have decided that the two games they currently have in development are more important than the fifth installment of the core Battlefield franchise.

We will update you on if the Battlefield 5 release date changes in the future.

Destiny Most Popular

Destiny, a Shooter/MMO created by Bungie has officially become the most people Playstation 4 game to date in sales. This is incredible as Destiny was the most expensive game to develop in video game history, costing a total of $500 Million. They’ve already earned their investment within the first twenty four hours it was released and now everything is profit for Activision & Bungie, the game is continuing to sell at a rapid rate as its only been on the market for two weeks.


As of right now after earning back their investment Destiny has made $325 Million worldwide. Destiny is now the best selling Playstation 4 game to date and Destiny also holds the record for “Best Selling New I.P.” in video game history. Bungie has said that Destiny is a ten year project where they’ll release new content and DLC for players to enjoy, if this is the case you can expect this video game to become one of the bestselling video games to history. Titans like Call of Duty & Assassins Creed have something new to worry about as Destiny is dominating the market as of right now.

We will see who sells more copies this year, Call of Duty or Destiny but as of right now it seems that Destiny is slated to do better than any other video game being released in 2014. This is an accomplishment that Bungie should be proud of and Activision as well. They now have the Call of Duty brand and Destiny brand, earning them millions upon millions in profit.

New Games

Call of Duty fans everywhere have begun to rejoice as it was just announced by Sledgehammer Games that they would be including the traditional Call of Duty Playlists that everyone has grown to love throughout the years. Playlists such as Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Free For All will be returning to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


Many fans of the series worried that Advanced Warfare would be completely distinguishing itself from other installments in the Call of Duty series by offering brand new playlists never before seen in a Call of Duty. This speculation came after all multiplayer footage for Advanced Warfare were new playlists. The new visuals, new developer, new gameplay elements and more only helped to fuel this speculation. None the less old school call of duty fans will still be able to experience the same playlists that they’ve known since Call of Duty 3.

Sledgehammer Games is the latest developer to be given full rights to develop a new installment in a Call of Duty franchise. Sledgehammer Games will develop a new Call of Duty that will be released in three year intervals, the first being Advanced Warfare which is a three party trilogy that will take course over the entire console lifespan of the Xbox One and Playstation 4. You can currently pre order Call of Duty Advanced Warfare which will allow for you to get special exclusive bonus content that won’t be included with the regular editions.

Cross Generation Gameplay

Destiny is the brand new shooter being released by Bungie, the original creators of the Halo Trilogy. Destiny is considered to be one of the most hyped up games of 2014 and it’s expected to receive a couple “Game of the Year” awards. Set across our expansive universe you can play as a variety of different classes, giving you an MMO experience while still having that classic Halo feeling at the same time.


Unfortunately fans of this game which will be released on September 9th won’t be able to experience cross generation gameplay. Cross generation gameplay is when multiplayer crosses over from the Xbox 360 to Xbox One or the Playstation 3 to Playstation 4. Bungie has openly said that the reason for this is because they don’t want to put players on the last generation consoles at a disadvantage compared to the next generation players. The fact of the matter is that the visuals for the next gen version of Destiny are slightly better than the last generation visuals of Destiny. This will result in next gen players being able to see last gen players easier and thus by it would allow for them to kill last generation players easier.

A Bungie Engineer by the name of Roger Wolfson said, “Regardless of where the reality is, there’s definitely a perception among gamers that better hardware means you have an advantage. We don’t want to have to enter that fray, so to create the best, most level playing field, both actually and perceptually, we separated it by platform.”


Online gambling has its virtues, the ability to win large amounts of money excites online punters and the experiences you gain while playing the various casino games available on the internet is thrilling. It is the combination of these two factors that has allowed for online gambling to rise to the popularity industry that it stands as today. Those dedicated to online gambling await for developers to release new slots each month. BGO, an online casino that release new slots to their fans every month revealed their latest slot “Aladdin”.

Disney logo

Aladdin isn’t based on the same movie property that Disney created years ago. Instead it just resembles the movie, Aladdin is a tale long heard before Disney made “Aladdin: The Movie”. This means that anyone can use the story as their own as Disney doesn’t own the rights to the name. The 5 reel, 15 payline does resemble the movie. You see the oh so famous blue genie, the beautiful princess and the evil wizard while spinning the reels. Feature wise players will be able to activate free spins, wilds and multipliers.

When BGO revealed this new slot they noted that this slot would be available for free play and real money play. Essentially you can test out the game for free, see if you enjoy the experience offered by Aladdin and if you do you can then deposit into your player account for real money play. BGO does is with almost each one of their slots and it has allowed for them to become popular amongst online punters. Registering an account with BGO with allow for you to experience Aladdin & The Wild Genie today.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

BetSoft Gaming stands as a benchmark leader in the online gambling industry, all those who compete against them should follow their software by example as Betsoft provides an experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Dozens of online casinos have chosen to license their software before any other due to millions of punters all around the world falling in love with the Betsoft experience. Due to the mass amount of popularity that they have gained throughout the years players expect them to release a new slot every month.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde slot

This week Betsoft surprised their players with “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”, a new video slot that presents players with striking visuals. On the reels you notice a butler, a police officer, a potion, a home in the shadows, news papers, locks, books and more. This slot somewhat resembles Clue: The Board Game. Betsoft revealed that Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a 5 reel, 30 payline video slot. It include two bonus rounds, scatters, free spins and a wild.

BetSoft’s Head of Product Development took to reports to say the following, “We’ve taken a dark tale known throughout the world and mixed it up with rich visuals, special effects and vivid cinematics. We explore all aspects of the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde story while providing players with stupendous game features. Our 3D Visuals have become famous throughout the last year, we have hopes that this slot will continue our rise in popularity.”

You can experience “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” by signing up with an online casino that endorses the Betsoft Gambling Platform.

The Edge

Adam Copeland, more formally known as Edge from the WWE is a wrestler that first started working for the WWE back in 1990. He became a one of the most cherished and renowned wrestlers known to the WWE and his famous move “the spear” allowed for him to grow as an wrestler due to its incredible power and the fear that it brought into the hearts of fellow wrestlers. Edge was able to win four separate WWE titles during the course of his career as a wrestler.

WWE Ent logo

Today it was revealed that Edge will be returning to the WWE for one season in order to defeat “The Shield” once and for all. This doesn’t surprise many as earlier on last year Edge appeared on the WWE during their Toronto showcasing, during which he and his former partner Christian were attacked by The Shield. After The Shield seriously injured his old partner Christian, Edge took it upon himself to use his beloved spear on the shield and then disappeared from the WWE once again. There were rumors that Edge would return to work alongside Christian once again in order to defeat The Shield but those rumors weren’t confirmed till earlier on today.

Adam Copeland said this, “I never wanted to return to the WWE but after The Shield took Christian from the WWE for six months due to his ankle injury, I knew that once Christian returned, I would have to as well in order to help him take out The Shield.”