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Essential Android Games you must have

The Android is the worlds most famous operating system for mobile devices. There are hundreds of thousands of apps available in Google Play and many of them are games. In this article we are planning to offer you a good overview of some of the most popular and entertaining Android Games that you can install on your phone or tablet. This way every time you have a free moment you can fill it up with fun.

Android Games


A wise man once said: “Eventually, everything connects.” This is the same principle you have to apply when playing Dots. There are many different possibilities of entertainment on your Android phone, but Dots is most definitely going to keep you entertained for hours. The game is very simple and you only have to connect the dots of the same color. The game is addictive and while a normal playing session should last for around 10 minutes, this is the game that could keep you busy for hours. Dots is designed for those that seek a simple game and that are not into complex things.

Angry Birds:

Everybody knows the Angry Birds game. This is by far one of the most successful game for Android and it can be a lot of fun. The game comes in many different versions, some are free and supported by ads, but there are also versions where you have to pay in order to download and play it.

Candies Legend:

This is one of the latest addition to the Google Play market and it’s completely free. The game is very similar to Candy Crush and it uses the same principles. The thing that makes the difference is that the game is hexagonal and this leaves you with more options for making the winning combination. You have to match 3 candies or more that have the same color and this will allow you to make them disappear. The game is very fun and addictive. This way you should be able to continue playing for countless hours. The first levels are very simple, but as you advance you should get some really challenging levels.

Dungeon Hunter 4:

In case you are a big fan of Role Play Games, then Dungeon Hunter 4 is probably the thing you’ve all been waiting for. This is a fast paced game where you get a lot of action. You can gather the loot and gear, move up to higher levels improve your abilities. One thing is for sure, the Dungeon Hunger should be keeping you busy for a lot of time. The game brings some of the best RPG action that you can ever get out of a mobile phone.

The Simpsons Tapped Out:

The game is available for free and it was created by Electronic Arts. This means that you get to play a premium game where you can find all the characters from the famous animated series and the game gives you a lot of action that you might seek. As you play the game you get to unlock a lot of content and the fact that it’s available for free, considering its quality is just amazing.

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