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Having the Edge on Casinos

Many people find casino to by rather mysterious when it comes to the way they work and how people can win. Casinos have change a lot over the last few years and have also change their games a lot in the last few years. I can’t think of a player out there who wouldn’t want to know how advantage can be taken and many would say there is no way to achieve this.

Well actually there is, but I wouldn’t really call it advantage rather than knowing what to do when visiting a casino. To get this edge it won’t be easy or done quickly either. Players will need to spend some time on this and gather all the information required to better yourself each time a casino in visited. Here we will look at some basic steps one can take to try get the better of your gaming career, we will also have a look at the different principles that needs understanding if you are interested in taking this advantage over the casino.

There are a total of 3 elements that you need to master before taking it to the next step, these will give you a good place to start. Start by looking for games that offer high payout rates, rates usually range from about 85% to 95% and come even higher. A decent payout rate is above 90%, which is what you will be looking for, the higher you get the better. Secondly, play these games skilfully. I would recommend finding one of these games in a free play version so that different wager strategies can be tested and the results can be considered. Free play versions of the game will represent the exact same type of combinations and rewards, these games also represent the same payout rate as the real money game, which makes it a great place to start and get an over idea of the game. Thirdly you will need to take advantage of the bonuses and promotions offered by the casino. Make sure these bonuses are within reason and don’t require high wager amounts. With these bonuses you will be able to play a little more freely and the casino will provide you with free playing money.

The bonus will have a play through requirement, which means you will need to play the bonus amount a certain amount of times before the bonus will be yours. Let’s assume a 100% bonuses up to $100.00 is available. You take full advantage and deposit $100.00, the casino will then ad $100.00 to your account, which cannot be withdrawn just yet. You will firstly need to wager this amount by the requirements from the casino. In this case let’s assume 10x, which means you will need to wager $1,000 before the additional $100.00 will be available for withdrawal.

So basically if you would like to try take advantage of a casino you will need to know your games very well, play in free casinos get to know the game. Then take a bonus from the casino and get used to the feeling of playing with really money, but be sure to keep to your wagering strategy. If you lose the bonus while playing its fine, you will still have the $100.00 you started with. Set goals for yourself and force yourself to walk away till next time when those goals are reached.

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