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Learn how to play Classic Outdoor Games For Kids

Now that all the kids just spent most of their time indoors playing video games, it has started to become more and more difficult to lure the kids to go outside and play the old games that you used to play when you were little. This is the reason why you should be able to offer them a really nice and attractive offer to go outside and play. In this article we are planning to offer you a good range of classic outdoor games for kids.

classic outdoor games


This is probably one of the most popular classic game that you can play outside. The tag game is always fun and it’s an amazing way to keep on running. In case you do want to play one of the modern version of the game, then you can always opt for the laser tag game.

Four Square:

This game involves a ball and it’s played with your feet. There is a field made out of 4 squares and it’s very similar to tennis.

Monkey in the Middle:

The monkey in the middle has always been an attractive outdoor game. The person in the middle has to run and try to catch the Frisbee and he just has to do everything that he can to do that.

Red Rover:

The Red Rover game was always able to fascinate kids as this is a game where you have to hold arms with your team mates and never let go when any of your opponents start running directly towards you.

Hide and Seek:

An international classic outdoor game that has captivated us for many years. Even if the game is played in a place where there is a restrained set of hiding places, it can still be fun and you can get a good amount of entertainment while playing it.

Jump Rope:

While kids these days are no longer attracted by the outdoor games, the Jump Rope can always help them stay fit. This game is mainly played by girls, and some of them will be very good at it. You can find many children playing the jump rope during the school break and many of them ask themselves why the gym classes are not as fun as this game is.

Simon Says:

This is another classic. It should be able to get your kids in the mood for following the boss directions when they grow and become an adult, or who knows, they might even be their own boss.

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