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Most popular PlayStation 4 games

PlayStation 4 was just released this year and it is now considered one of the best console available. In case you are one of the lucky owners of a PS4, then the next logical thing to do is to start searching for the best games available. The graphics are mind blowing and some of the world’s largest games developers have already started to announce exciting titles for PS4. In this article we can offer you a good overview of some of the most expected and popular games available for the Sony’s amazing playing machine.


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag:

The Assassin’s Creed series coming from the PS3 is now going to continue. The new game is able to provide the players with a few minor and some major changes. The graphics are amazing and they are way better compared to the last version of the game. The game will run in Full HD 1080p resolution and if you have the proper TV set, you should expect to be amazed. The Assassin’s Creed is probably considered to be one of the best titles available for this game. It’s highly recommended to buy this game and it should give you many hours of entertainment and satisfaction. Just like the “Black Flag” suggests, this game was made for the pirate fans and for those seeking history buffs. Since everybody loves pirates, the game is set to be a huge success.

Need For Speed Rivals:

The successful NFS games have been around for more than a decade. The graphics have improved and if there are some of you remember playing the first game released, you should be able to see some huge differences. Just as you would probably expect the NFS Rivals game will run in Full HD 1080p resolution and the 8 core processor plus the other ultimate hardware specifications are able to take this game to a totally new level. In case you would like to start driving some of the world’s most expensive super cars and you love the speed, this is the game you must have.

Call of Duty: Ghosts:

Call of Duty is probably one of the most successful series of FPS games in the history of video games. The Ghosts is able to take you right in the war zone and you will be the main character there. The graphics are astonishing, especially if you are able to compare them with the graphics available at the early Call of Duty games that were made for PS3. The single player game is fun and there are a few missions that can keep you stick to your TV set, but this is available only for an afternoon, as it will end pretty fast. There is also the multiplayer option, and this will keep you from throwing the game away right after you finish the single player missions.

Killzone Shadow Fall:

Killzone is another game that will take you right in the action. This game was designed especially for the PS4 and you should get some breath taking graphics just like you get from the other games presented above. PS4 – Killzone Shadow Fall is a science fiction FPS game that you must have.

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