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The benefits and inconveniences of becoming a full time game tester

Being a video game tester might seem at first sight to be the dream job of anyone. If you take a first sight from the outside you are going to get paid for playing video games all day long, wouldn’t that sound like a lot of fun?

game testing

In order to get an idea about what you have to do as a game tester, you should consider the following situation. You have in front of you your favorite movie of all time. The next thing you have to do is to take a small 30 seconds fragment of that game and play it over and over again 12 hours a day, for the next 2 days. That could become easily very annoying and boring.
The quality assurance jobs for the video games can prove to be a great opportunity especially for those that enjoy a lot playing video games and those that want to be part of the process.

In case you want to get a job as a game tester, then you will probably need to be located in a city where there are many companies present. In case you live in United States, then you should head for cities like LA, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington or Austin. In case there aren’t many video games developers in the city where you live, then the number of jobs are also going to be rare.

Finding a job where you have to test games is not a common thing, especially if you are looking for a full time job. In many cases the tests are done only when the product is developing and once the game is released the test team is most of the time laid off and this means you need to start thinking of living the life of a gypsy always looking for some new gigs and change your job a lot.

You don’t need to have any special education in order to get this type of a job and this means automatically that they pay is not that impressive.
Since you have to assure the quality of a video game you will be asked to play it for a very long period and many of us might get bored for doing this. You have to pay close attention to details while playing and note any bugs or things that are not alright, when they happen.

A game tester must have some good communication skills. This means that you should be able to communicate the eventual problems that could occur.

While so far we’ve told you mainly the inconveniences that come with a game tester job, here are some of the few benefits you could get out of this job.
The number one thing is that you can get paid to do your favorite thing: to play video games. Just imagine that you will be sitting all day long playing the games, a thing that you are probably already doing. The pay is another great advantage you get. If you take a look at what’s available for this type of a job in United States you should know that the average wage is situated around $25k and $30K per year. Some big games developer companies might offer you a bigger pay.

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