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The benefits of playing a chess game

Chess is a board game that can be played by people of all ages. You can start learning how to play the game no matter what your age is. There are great 5 years old chess players, and you can find even elderly people playing it. Unlike many other sports that are available to play, chess is considered to be that kind of sport where you never have to retire. While playing chess, you have the option to improve your concentration and to keep your mind young all the time.

Chess board

Chess is a game which is widely spread all over the world and it is also known as the game of the kings. Playing chess can have a positive impact on your mind and in this article we will offer you a good overview of the main benefits you get from playing chess.

Improves creativity

Chess is the perfect game that can help you improve your creativity. The right hemisphere of your brain is the one where the creativity is located. By playing chess you get to exercise both sides of your brain and this includes your creativity. There were many studies conducted on students and those that played chess were net superior in the originality and creativity area compared to those that had other types of activities.

Planning and foresight

These two are important in life. One of the main reasons why you should start playing chess is because it will allow you to develop your brain prefrontal cortex which is the one responsible for planning. This is a strategy game where you always need to plan ahead. Some of the best chess players are able to plan ahead many moves and that’s what makes them successful.


You memory is also going to improve while playing chess. This is happening as you always have to remember how your opponent reacted in different situations and you have to use that in your advantage in the future. You have to memorize the moves done by your opponents in order to create opportunities in the future. Your memory will always improve when you are able to practice it and chess it just perfect for that.

Prevent Alzheimer

There were many medical studies involving elderly people and these studies showed the fact that those who played chess and stimulated their brain functions managed to stay away from the Alzheimer’s disease. Along with this, chess is also able to reduce depression or anxiety.

Build your self confidence

In case you think that you need to work on your self-confidence, then you should definitely start playing chess. It seems like the game never gets old and even today it’s considered to be cool as there are many cool people playing chess on a regular basis.

Problem solving skills

The chess players will always be able to face the everyday problems as they can have enhanced abilities to solve problems. There were many studies that showed this and this is one of the reason why the students who play chess are able to have better results in school, compared to those that don’t play it.

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