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Top 10 most popular board games

We are living during times where most people, kids and teenagers are more familiar with computer games than board games. However there are a few board games that managed to survive the test of time. Some date back even thousands of years and they are still popular today.

Chess board

In this article we will provide you with a top list with the top 10 most popular board games available. By knowing the most popular, you can also know what to start playing. There is a huge popularity for the following board games.


This is a very popular board game where you will have to use your brain a lot. The rules of the game have evolved through time up until the modern version we have available now.


The checkers game dates back more than 5000 years ago. This is probably one of the oldest board game in the world. It was even mentioned in the writings of Homer or even Plato. There are two different versions of the game: the English and the American.


Risk is an interesting board game. It’s very similar to the strategy games you’ve probably already played on your computer like Age of Empires. The game dates back to 1957 when it was invented by Albert Lamorisse. The game requires a lot of skills and you need to know war tactics, to have negotiation skills and you will be on a mission to conquer the world. There are 42 territories and you have to occupy as many as possible. The game ends when you manage to be the world leader.


This is another game that dates back thousands of year ago. It’s a mix of both strategy and probability and there are many tactics that can be learned. It’s played with a pair of dices and you move your pieces based on the number coming from the dices.


Everybody loves scrabble as it always helps you improve your vocabulary. The game dates back to 1938 and it’s still a hot seller today.


This game dates back to 1934. The game can teach you a lot about economy and your mission there is to buy many properties like houses, hotels and rent is collected every time one of your opponents lands on your property. It all ends if you are bankrupt and the game has always been fascinating.


Clue is a game where you will have to work on your deductive skills. It was initially published in England in 1949 and it’s still very popular. You have to move around the board and find the identity plus the weapon used for a murder. This is a great and classic detective game where you can have a huge amount of fun.


This is another fun and addictive board game. You have to sink all your opponents battleships. You’ve probably already heard about this game before as it’s widely spread everywhere and it can even be played with just a piece of paper and a pen.

Mah Jongg

This game comes from the Asian culture. While it started to become popular only 100 years ago, it dates back more than that. This is a game played by one player and it can keep you stick to it for many hours.

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