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What are the most popular card games in the world?

If you take a look at the games you can play with a standard deck of cards, you have the option to find hundreds of games. While most games might not be that attractive, you should know the fact that you can have a blast while playing some of the most popular games in the world. It’s always best to stick to these as they are more fun and you will enjoy them a lot more. There is always the possibility to play them online, but nothing compares to play them with your friends and a real deck of cards. You just have to get more familiar with the


Poker is by far the most popular card game today in United States and all over the world. It received a lot of coverage in the TV shows, movies and all over the internet. One of the things that managed to make this game stand out is that it requires more than luck to be a winner, you also need skills in order to be able to beat your opponents and this is the factor that makes it very interesting. Some say that it takes just a few minutes to learn the rules of poker, but it takes a lifetime to master it.

Poker is a game where you can be in control only after years of practice. There are hundreds of books available on poker strategies and you can find countless articles on the internet. There is a big difference between the poker games played over the internet and the land based poker. On the internet everything seems to be more basic. As a real poker player, you should also know how to read your opponents in order to get an idea of what cards they might hold. This doesn’t apply for the online version where all the information you can use comes from the bets they make.



Blackjack is another special game that comes from France. It was invented a few hundreds of years ago and it’s a lot easier compared to poker. The goal of the game is to get as close as possible to 21 points and never go beyond that number or you will go burst. The rules are very simple and just like poker in order to be successful while playing blackjack, you also need to know at least the basic strategies.


Unlike the other two games presented above, baccarat is a card game based on luck. This means that there is little you can do in order to change the faith of the game. The game is played against the house and there are three simple bets you can make: the banker, the player or a tie. We always suggest to place your bets on the player or the banker as the tie bet has the highest house edge. While the baccarat game is very simple to play and it requires little to no skill at all, it’s also very fun and captivating. This is one of the reasons why there are many high roller games where baccarat is the main actor.

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